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Scandinavian Art Handicraft

Greta A.E. Karlsson-Peterson

Scandinavian Art Handicraft was started by Greta Peterson in 1956. Here, you can see her in the retail outlet, Scandinavian Art Handicraft, in the late summer of 1975. You may notice that there are a lot of balls of cord for macrame' and the famous wall of rya yarn against the wall. This picture is taken in one section of the store. The entire store was 1,800 square feet and sold looms, weaving materials and supplies, materials for rya rugs, needlepoint, embroidery, beads, macrame, Swedish folk art, knitting (including hand knitted sweaters from Sweden, Norway and Iceland) and much more. The store was latter expanded to two other stores on the same street to allow for more room for each department.

Scandinavian Art Handicraft was a company that sold all sorts of handicraft items, including looms, yarn, macrame' supplies, Swedish Rya Rug supplies, books on textile arts and crafts, silk threads, Swedish Folk Art, and much more.

Now, her daughter Greta-Kay Peterson-Martinez, following the tradition, currently works from her store in Cincinnati -
THE HANSA GUILD-, selling all kind of rugs, tapestries, wallhangins, pillows and handicrafts, including helping to create custom designs for rya-rugs.  You may reach Greta-Kay by sending e-mail to Greta@ScandinavianArtHandicraft.com  Please include your name and telephone number and best time to be reached and Mrs. Peterson-Martinez will call you. If you would like to see simple instructions on how to tie a rya (Ghordes) knot, click here


If you would like to make a rya-rug, hanging or pillow then please send us e-mail with your name and telephone number and we will call you to discuss your needs. A design can be drawn on the backing and a chart with the yarn blends can be assembled so that you can make your rya in a "paint by number" fashion.


The following rya backings are in stock, subject to prior sale. Please be aware that the world wide production of rya backings has fallen off and these backings are of the old quality.

Handwoven, fringed made of linen warp and wool weft:
BACKINGS 150x220 cm (60x88 inches) USD $325.00
130x245 cm (50x96 inches) USD $375.00 (only one remaining)
YARDAGE 100 cm (40 inches) USD $100 per yard (36 inches)
50 cm (20 inches) USD $50 per yard (36 inches)

Yardage with plastic warp and synthetic weft:
50 cm (20 inches) USD $25 per yard (36 inches)


We also have a few Swedish embroidery kits. These kits are of traditional Swedish designs. Pictures of these kits will soon be available on this site. These kits were made by, the now non-existent, Nordiska Industri of Sweden. These kits are collector's items and surely should not last long.


Currently, we have a supply of the most wonderful Milwards needles from Redditch, England. The following needles are available in boxes with the following packs:

Tapestry 10 - 25 per envelope - 50 envelopes per box
Tapestry 13 - 2 per envelope - 50 envelopes per box
Tapestry 18 - 6 per envelope - 50 envelopes per box Tapestry 10 is the size normally used when making rya-rugs.

Please send us e-mail if you are interested in these needles. We are interested in selling our inventory of these needles to distributors or retail stores. We are not interested in selling these needles in quantities of less than one box. As prices are subject to change, please send us your desired quantities for a price quotation.

If you remember our business, you may also want visit the site of Daniel Peterson, a member of the Peterson family who owned Scandinavian Art Handicraft.

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